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      DREAM  to build a home/business 

promotes Green Living, fresh eggs, chickens, greenhouse, and 2 vacation houses for CITY CAMPERS that want to camp out.

    When you are looking for direction, clarity, self employment, connection with earth, and empowerment, "Getting There" is the place for you.

     The moment I found out about living off of the earth, the first thing that I thought of, was how will I purchase land, how will I benefit, and beautiful gardens.

   MY goal is to purchase land, Intern Entreprenuers, build unique mold free buildings,  care for crops, teach weekly DIY,  and offer vacation spots, for the "City Campers /Bed and Breakfast Style.  

Donate today, and recieve Perks located at the Web Store on this website.  Please enjoy reading "Books Outloud, Earth Is What We Need, and I Should Of Listened, in the video's to the right.